Mediafly Announces New User Interface and Customization Tools

Sales enablement provider Mediafly today announced a new user interface and capabilities aimed at personalizing sales conversations.

The new user interface provides an experience across desktop and mobile that includes animations, customizable layouts, and interactive content. “Currently, all presentations are very similar to one another with a one-size-fits-all PowerPoint pitch. The problem with this approach is that it lacks customization and sellers are focusing on their company first rather than the buyer’s problems,” says Carson Conant, Mediafly’s CEO. “Through our new experience, we’re providing admins and sellers with the tools they need to customize presentations for each buyer on the spot and create a more engaging conversation-like interaction that resonates with the buyers.”

Conant says this ability to customize in the moment proves crucial when buyers bring up pain points that weren’t addressed in previous conversations. “Sellers have the ability through Mediafly’s platform to find and pivot to the relevant content and utilize customized interactive tools, like ROI and TCO calculators, that provide meaningful value messaging, compelling insights, and financial justification. These features enable sellers to exceed buyer expectations and close more deals.”

The new capabilities include Workspaces, Story Mapper, and Tool Builder. Workspaces allows admins to create mobile presentation interfaces with the navigation and content they want sales teams to use, while sellers can easily find the content they need for their presentations. “Through Workspaces, admins have the power to create a mobile presentation interface with the navigation and content they want the sales teams to leverage depending on the context,” Conant says. “For instance, the user interface may be different for a tradeshow versus a one-on-one client meeting. This feature makes it easier on admins and sales reps to customize each presentation depending on the industry and customer. By having this type of customization, sellers have an easier time finding exactly what they need for the right client at the right time.”

Story Mapper enables sellers to instantly go to relevant content in their presentations with an eye on better addressing buyers’ needs and questions. “Story Mapper allows sellers to create buyer-focused conversations through an interactive and value-add interaction. It gives the ability to create links within a presentation to easily pivot from one point to the next, rather than going through the presentation in a linear fashion,” Conant says.

Tool Builder allows users to easily update and customize ROI and TCO calculators. “Before Tool Builder, Mediafly customers had to rely exclusively on Mediafly to help build ROI and TCO calculators for each individual need. Now, Tool Builder puts the power in the sellers and admins’ hands, allowing them to save time and energy by helping them easily maintain, update, and customize the calculators without coding experience or support needed,” Conant explains.

“B2B Buyers have changed. Buyers are more educated and research your products and services before the first meeting, which means they are engaging with sellers much later in the process,” he adds. “This forces sellers to think outside of the box to create buyer experiences that help differentiate themselves and ultimately drive deals to close. Through features like Workspaces, Story Mapper and Tool Builder, we’re putting more power for customization in our clients’ hands, to give them the edge they need to differentiate in every sales interaction and get results.”

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