Longjump Announces Javelin and Relay

Longjump yesterday launched two new services, Javelin and Relay, to bolster its cloud platform. Relay will provide a social interface to business apps and Javelin will turn these apps into standalone mobile apps without coding.

Longjump is the first platform-as-a-service provider to offer a social and mobile integrated platform, enabling business to take advantage of cloud, social networking, and mobile technologies. "With Longjump, users can follow business data like they are following a friend on Facebook," explains Pankaj Malviya, founder and CEO of Longjump. "It's a social interface for business data exposing back office data to the front office and making it interactive."

Relay will provide users with tools to interact with fellow team members through a "Facebook-like" way. Key features include the following: 

  • Real-time visibility: Users are kept updated in real time with streams of information.
  • Improved collaboration: Collaboration is encouraged through workgroups to arrange files, projects, and other elements.
  • Social processes: Customers can incorporate with Longjump's record management, security permissions, data policies, workflows, document sharing, and field level change tracking abilities.
  • Connect to business systems: Relay is interoperable with other systems.

Javelin will allow businesses access their mobile apps that run cross-platform on iOs, Android, and tablet devices. Key features include the following:

  • Native mobile experience: Customers will have access to database records over an optimized interface for smartphone and tablet touch screens.
  • Social business apps: Users will can share statuses, follow records, and stay updated in real time through the Relay feed.
  • Extended engagement with data: Users can add, edit, delete, and search records while accessing tasks and marking them complete when appropriate.
  • Execute workflow actions: Team members can manage workflows, approvals, and lifecycle management among themselves.
  • Data portability: All existing user data, permission, security, and other preferences will be carried over from the Longjump desktop browser version to Javelin’s mobile platform.

"Longjump provides the perfect customer management and online database solution for our growing organization," said Dawn Pieke, marketing manager at Hirease and a Longjump customer, in a statement. "It's easy to use, while still being rich in functionality, and the customer service is extraordinarily helpful and personable. We're also excited about Longjump's upcoming mobile access features because it allows our multiple branch offices and distributed teams to have key information they need for engaging with customers wherever they are.

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