Logi Info 11.2 Release Takes on Big Data

Logi Analytics has announced changes to its flagship product with the release of Logi Info 11.2. The product focuses on improving access and analysis of data coming from NoSQL source MongoDB, as well as better visualization of data.

"There's a lot of demand among our customers to support these new structures" of nonrelational databases, explains Brian Brinkmann, vice president of products for Logi Analytics. "We're getting out in front of it... because we think it's going to continue to develop."

While Logi Info users could previously connect and perform basic actions to data stored in a Mongo database, "this [update] is essentially covering the gamut of the Mongo commands you can use to interact," says Nat Venkataraman, director of product management. Logi Info now supports queries for MongoDB Find, RunCommand queries for the aggregation pipeline, and MapReduce, as well as updates, upserts, and inserts.

Users working with information stored in MongoDB or sources that have data stored in hierarchal trees (such as continent, country, state, city) can use big data shaping that makes the data easier to work with.

The update also includes a query builder that allows people to create Multi-Dimensional Expressions (MDX) queries, used to access SQL Server Analysis Services cubes, without knowing how to compose them. According to Brinkmann, it's common for people who know SQL to not be familiar with writing MDX queries, making this addition valuable to a large portion of SQL users.

Besides the technology updates, users of Logi Info 11.2 will also notice their data has an improved look. Because Logi Info is frequently embedded in externally facing Web sites, feeding stats like on-time arrivals into a flight selector tool or using charts or maps, appearance is important to Logi Info's customers.

When creating dashboards or reports, scalable vector graphic charts allow users to resize the charts without pixilation or having parts of the chart size unevenly. Some users are already experimenting with these updates, and "customers are reacting very well to the new graph types. They'e saying how nice they look, and how much of a difference it makes," Brinkmann says.

Realizing "we can't answer every question our customer is going to want to ask," as Brinkmann puts it, Logi Info 11.2 has expanded its self-service options, giving users more flexibility to create the kind of data visualizations that meet their needs. They can add visualizations from multiple sources to their dashboard. Editing their visualizations is easier thanks to inline editing and drag-and-drop capabilities.

The combination of technology and visual updates to the analytics tool is "designed to help people get the information they need to make better decisions wherever they are...and use it to make data-driven decisions or data that feeds on business intuition," Brinkmann sums up.

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