LiveRamp and Adobe Announce Addressable TV Integration

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LiveRamp and Adobe today announced the integration of LiveRamp’s IdentityLink across Adobe Advertising Cloud and Adobe Audience Manager, enabling marketers to engage in addressable TV advertising.

“We’re trying to change the way TV is planned and bought and sold, and a big part of that is being able to bring new data sets to TV,” says Todd Gordon, director of programmatic TV at Adobe.

Despite efforts to extend automation and data-driven buying to TV, most TV buys are still executed manually with limited targeting and measurements, noted the statement announcing the partnership. Adobe took on this challenge with the introduction of Adobe Advertising Cloud TV last year. The new integration aims to make it easier for marketers to extend their digital campaigns into the addressable TV ecosystem.

Employing first-party data is a key part of that effort, Gordon notes, and with the LiveRamp partnership, Adobe can capitalize on first-party data in two ways. “One is getting client first-party data into the Adobe Ad Cloud TV platform so that we can use that data to target in linear TV; the other is to use LiveRamp to match client first-party data with the MVPD subscriber pile to do addressable TV,” Gordon says. “For me this is about…making it easier for clients to use their first-party data in TV.”

Because clients are able to use their most valuable data set—the data they’ve collected directly from their customers—it will “change the way that advertisers buy TV and the way that TV is sold today,” says Patrick Rubin, head of TV partnerships at Adobe. “With addressable television, you can marry up a client’s list of best customers, most valuable prospects to the subscriber files of different cable operators. Once you’ve done that, it allows you to target households that meet your audience very specifically and eliminate waste in the audience that you buy because you’re buying on a one-to-one basis.”

Rubin notes that that kind of specificity enables marketers to measure ad performance more precisely, allowing them to see whether an ad led to customer action, how many showings of an ad before action was taken, and whether different ads produced different effects.

According to Allison Metcalfe, general manager of TV at LiveRamp, the integration “is the final piece of the puzzle for Adobe to be able to offer their clients the ability to do addressable targeting across all television at scale.”

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