LevelEleven Launches Scorecard Solution to Stimulate Sales

Sales performance platform provider LevelEleven this week released Scorecard, a solution that helps sales managers recognize the key areas salespeople need to focus on to optimize their day-to-day performances. Integrated with Salesforce.com, the program offers sales teams access to peer activity, historical trends, and personal analytics to help stimulate employee collaboration and goal setting.

Scorecard sifts through the unstructured information already accessible via Salesforce.com, with the intent to offer it up in a more user-friendly format and bring attention to areas that deserve immediate attention. The data can be accessed through television monitors or personal mobile devices, giving sales reps the opportunity to track their effectiveness in certain tasks, including making calls, maintaining pipelines, closing deals, and tending to follow-up meetings. This is the first CRM system that allows this type of insight, says LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh.

Scorecard is the latest of LevelEleven's ongoing efforts to help managers motivate hires by using gamification solutions such as leaderboards and competitions. The program was developed as a response to a trend Marsh noticed among customers who hoped to use the technology more effectively in the long run. "[Customers] were saying, 'I love using leaderboards to spike performance, but how do I drive long-term behavior retention?' When I founded the company [in 2012], the purpose wasn't to become a leaderboard company. The vision was 'How do we help salespeople focus on the right thing?' We saw people using our leaderboards not to do contests specifically...but just to create visibility around metrics they want to try. This makes it a heck of a lot easier in a personalized kind of way."

Marsh says that several hundred adopters have taken to the concept thus far, and LevelEleven is expecting that number to double within the next year or so, as customers have expressed increasing interest following the company's demonstration at Dreamforce in October. He counts DMNmedia and Corporate Executive Board among the early success stories. Other users of LevelEleven include PayPal and Symantec.

LevelEleven currently markets directly to customers and works exclusively through Salesforce.com, but hopes to launch a partner program by mid- to late 2015 by aligning itself with 10 to 12 partners. The company has already integrated other software, including ClearSlide, Yesware, and Cirrus Insights, for their ability to log conversations and emails automatically into Salesforce.com.

Channel 11, a "channel builder" the company announced last month, will operate as a television service that lets users customize the information they put up on TV monitors displayed around offices.

LevelEleven is also developing a predictive feature, to be launched by Q1, which will help sales managers further identify the specific areas they need to improve before it's too late. The system will bring to a user's attention a salesperson's weak areas and give managers insight into the kinds of decisions they should make moving forward. "To know that there's a system that's keeping an eye on the team's execution against the numbers is really powerful to a sales leader," Marsh says.

Even without the upgrade, though, Marsh says that Scorecard is already useful for sales teams. "If companies [don't use] solutions like this, [they'll] end up losing sight of their plans," he says.

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