Kitewheel Partners with Zeta Global

Kitewheel, a company that orchestrates intelligent customer journeys by unifying decisions across touch points, is partnering with data-driven marketing company Zeta Global. The partnership will enable Zeta to seamlessly integrate Kitewheel’s orchestration capabilities into its ZetaHub marketing platform.

ZetaHub is an AI-powered marketing platform that brings together Zeta’s marketing, data, and experience clouds in a unified "command center." This command center can activate first-, second-, and third-party data that is connected to identity and enriched by signals. The integration with Kitewheel will provide Zeta’s enterprise clients with capabilities that allow them to combine omnichannel customer data collection, customer journey analytics, real-time decision making, and orchestration of customer interactions across all channels. The integration aims to empower marketers using ZetaHub to deliver consistent, personalized experiences at scale from a single location.

Kitewheel CEO Mark Smith says the partnership can be traced to 18 months ago when Kitewheel partnered with Acxiom Impact; under the alliance, Kitewheel added its real-time cross-channel capabilities to Acxiom's marketing automation. "Acxiom Impact was then acquired by Zeta Global a year ago, and we started working with the wider Zeta teams in sales and product. This formed the basis for the new partnership around technology embedding that we're announcing today," Smith says.

"The ultimate aim of modern marketers is to be able to deliver a seamless and personalized experience across all channels, and by integrating our industry-leading customer journey orchestration software into Zeta's ZetaHub platform, we'll be able to enable marketers to reach their core audiences at every stage of the customer life cycle," Smith says. "The main goal of the partnership is to give ZetaHub customers even more choice when it comes to campaign planning and management by adding our robust customer journey orchestration capabilities.

"Partnering with Zeta Global allows us to bring our deep knowledge of customer journey orchestration to their customer base and enhance their ability to bring together omnichannel customer data collection, customer journey analytics, real-time decisioning, and orchestration of customer interactions across channels. It will also strengthen the ability that users have to map powerful customer journeys and enable smart customer interactions for marketers," he adds.

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