• November 14, 2013

KiteDesk Releases Launches Social Sales App

KiteDesk has released a browser-based platform for Salesforce.com users that combines CRM automation, social selling, and sales intelligence.

KiteDesk brings the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Google Apps service, Microsoft Exchange, LinkedIn, Facebook, and SaaS applications into a single browser window. Its 360-degree view of companies and people dramatically reduces time spent on prospecting and CRM administration while improving employee morale.

KiteDesk maintains a direct line of communication to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, so leads and contacts can be added directly to the CRM from any Web site or email. KiteDesk harnesses an entire company’s network to help salespeople find the best and fastest path into desired prospects. With a few clicks of the mouse, users can see who in the organization is connected to a prospect, gauge the strength of their relationships, and request an introduction.

KiteDesk's key features include the following:

  • CRM Automation - KiteDesk's browser plugin enables users to instantly access, create, and update information in the Salesforce.com Sales Cloud from any Web page. Users cab create contacts and accounts, record notes and calls, and keep the CRM system up to date. This automation feature also allows users to sync email and calendar events across multiple accounts and platforms.
  • Sales Intelligence - KiteDesk integrates information from contacts, social profiles, CRM records, and public and private data providers. In addition, sales triggers automate key sales opportunity alerts so sales representatives know immediately when sales openings occur.
  • Social Selling -  After gathering data from numerous sources (social, email, calendar, CRM and external sources), KiteDesk's Strength of Relationship Algorithm helps determine which prospects are most likely to take a sales call.

"KiteDesk sits at the intersection between advances in technology and the evolving requirements in sales and marketing," stated Jack Kennedy, CEO of KiteDesk, in a statement. "Big data, cloud, and cutting-edge mobile and social technologies have created an abundance of tools. Each of these tools, while incredibly useful, exists in independent applications and in separate contexts. Marketing automation, social selling, relationship capital, and the rise in inside sales are pushing for holistic, consistent views of companies and individuals. KiteDesk harnesses these technologies into a single, integrated solution that sits on top of existing SaaS applications to streamline data delivery and deliver unique business insights."

For small to mid-sized businesses, KiteDesk offers three editions: 

  • Launch: A free service that allows co-workers to share their connections.
  • Lift: A $300 per-user, per-year subscription that offers Salesforce.com users access to KiteDesk's CRM automation, sales intelligence, and social selling features.
  • Soar: A $600 per-user, per-year subscription that allows users to sync email and collaboration data to the Salesforce.com platform and upload leads from external databases.

For large enterprises, KiteDesk works through channel partners such as Market Bridge to deliver custom solutions.

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