• March 28, 2013

Intelliverse Offers Cloud-Based Sales Prospecting Solution

Intelliverse, a provider of cloud communications, has expanded its portfolio of IntelliConnection lead generation services with a solution that navigates past gatekeepers and phone trees to instantly connect sales reps to their targeted prospects. The new automated calling application eliminates dialing, thus increasing the volume of connections and live conversations made.

The app provides the following functionality:

  • Delivery – Eliminates dialing and seamlessly delivers decision-makers directly to sales reps;
  • Compatibility – Syncs leads, notes, and follow up tasks with existing CRM systems, including Salesforce.com;
  • Tracking – Monitors daily activities, such as dials, connections, and conversations made; and
  • Monitor – Tracks all calls, leads, and recordings made by sales teams.

"IntelliConnection helps organizations accelerate revenue without hiring additional resources and turns what would otherwise be hours of painful dialing into immediate, live connections with decision-makers," said Sean H. Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse, in a statement. "IntelliConnection is a game-changer that is helping sales organizations do what they do best, just better, faster and cheaper!"

The IntelliConnection service provides complete transparency - including detailed reports and activity levels for each salesperson. IntelliConnection provides key metrics to sales managers that help optimize sales effectiveness and accelerate revenue growth.

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