InsideView Announces New Analytics Capabilities

InsideView today announced new analytics capabilities for its Apex go-to-market decision engine. Apex now includes pipeline and revenue analytics that can give users visibility into the entire sales funnel and, by extension, help them make better decisions about market segmentation and their go-to-market strategy.

The analytics aim to enable companies to assess business performance against their strategy and determine the direct impact to the bottom line. Powered by an AI engine that brings together first- and third-party data, the analytics can track the quality of leads and opportunities against target markets. In so doing, it aims to help companies determine whether they are targeting the right markets or need to adjust their efforts to other segments.

“Customers who were trying to tackle a new market did not have a good way to measure how those efforts were doing, compared to the overall business. Apex analytics solves that problem and makes it visually appealing,” says Adam Perry, director of product management at InsideView.

“Let's say you have three main business initiatives in the upcoming year. Each of the them represents a different opportunity,” he continues. “Apex allows you to ‘publish’ or make each of these initiatives visible to the entire organization and then monitor these initiatives to see how they are doing.”

From there, Perry says, the analytics could help teams answer various questions about the new initiatives: Which marketing events are generating the most leads for each initiative; are the leads being created fast enough, and are they moving through the sales stages; and is the win rate for the initiatives higher or lower than the company’s overall win rate.

“It's answering these types of business performance questions, and making decisions based of them, that can have a huge impact to the bottom line,” Perry says. “Apex allows you to answer these questions for each of the three business initiatives individually, and in aggregate.”

InsideView also today announced Apex QuickStart, a professional services offering designed to guide customers through the Apex planning and implementation process. More specifically, QuickStart can help companies determine their total addressable market, ideal customer profile, and market segment creation.

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