• December 3, 2010
  • By Koa Beck, Editorial Assistant, CRM magazine

InContact Partners with Verint Systems

inContact, a provider of on-demand contact center software and contact center optimization tools, has recently partnered with Verint Systems, a provider of intelligence solutions and services for enterprise workforce optimization and security intelligence. inContact will use Verint's workforce management (WFM) solution on its own platform and deliver it via the cloud, concentrating on mid-size contact centers.

The new inContact cloud-based workforce management solution, powered by Verint, aims to simplify staffing at customer service operations and ensure the best possible use of agent resources. inContact WFM is designed to help reduce missed service level goals, minimize costs through efficient use of overtime, manage schedule adherence, and optimize agent-handled contacts. This solution also allows employees access to scheduling preferences, automated time-off management, shift swapping, and shift bidding.

"We're taking their premises-based solution and transforming it to a cloud-based delivery, " says Mariann McDonagh, chief marketing officer at inContact. "Essentially, what it gives us is market-leading WFM with Verint and their cloud and market footprint. [inContact's new solution is] much more easily consumable for the mid-market."

inContact's partnership with Verint will not only provide access to the cloud, but also rapid deployment without hardware purchases, and require fewer tech assistants.

inContact's WFM solutions helps keep all agents performing at the highest level and can identify when an agent needs certain coaching. Learning modules can be activated between calls, maximizing the intelligent use of the least number of agents and highest service levels at reduced cost.    

McDonagh describes inContact's new solution as "very suited to the mid-market" as many mid-market contact centers have a "less dedicated IT staff."

"The biggest thing that excites us about [the new inContact WFM solution] is that it is deployed at the enterprise level. [A WFM solution] is either difficult to implement or not affordable for mid-market contact centers but with the cloud it will be easy to use. [inConact WFM solution could] transform those mid-market centers who would like to implement WFM but haven't."

McDonagh points out that the majority of mid-market contact centers manage their workforce manually through Excel spreadsheets.

Aphrodite Brinsmead, analyst of customer interactions technologies at Ovum, agrees that mid-market contact centers have been deterred from using WFM in the past. "I think it's a combination of factors. I think many [mid-size contact centers] do not understand that it's necessary and [they do] not understand the benefits even though it's a pretty mature technology and has been around for awhile. I think a lot of companies, if they're smaller, don't feel the need to invest in workforce management. They just want something that is quick and not expensive. Workforce management in general is becoming more appealing to the mid-market."

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