IGoDigital Launches Guided Search Tool

IGoDigital, a guided selling and e-commerce personalization solutions provider, today launched intelligent search interface iGoDigital Guided Search.

Following the recent launch of iGoDigital Segment Builder, a tool enabling marketers to cut through layers of social and demographic data to create targeted campaigns, the company has positioned the Guided Search tool as a contributor to a stronger e-commerce experience.

"Guided Search can not only speed up the checkout process and improve sales conversion rates," but could also result in a more thorough understanding of customer preferences and subsequent loyalty drivers, according to iGoDigital's president Eric Tobias.

Tobias went on to add that although search is a vital component in clinching an online sale, a digital experience can ultimately be mired by the required number of clicks, form transmissions, and page loads it takes to complete a transaction. A Forrester Research report estimated some seven out of ten shopping carts on e-commerce sites were abandoned in 2011.

Approximately 88 percent of Web buyers have admitted to abandoning an online shopping cart without finishing a transaction. Retailers can recover lost sales by "clearing the path to purchase," revising checkout functionalities, and delivering on price and delivery promises, Forrester Research indicated.

Another key factor is the customer experience, which can be obstructed by faulty design or navigation, and even irrelevant messaging. The iGoDigital Guided Search claims to deliver more relevant results to buyers directly from an e-commerce site search box.

A "quick view window" lets customers view product results based on their search terms as well as their unique purchase behavior and preferences in real-time under one interface, the company says.

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