HubSpot Launches HubSpot Video

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HubSpot recently launched HubSpot Video, a fully integrated video solution—powered by Vidyard’s online video platform and GoVideo personalized video messaging app—for marketing, sales, and customer service.

“I think it’s pretty clear that in the past three, four years as technology has gotten better, the appetite for and consumption of video has increased with it,” says Marcus Andrews, principal product marketing manager at HubSpot. “Video is integrated into just about every part of our lives now, and we’re watching more and more of it.”

Thanks to Vidyard’s platform and GoVideo app, HubSpot Video provides seamless video hosting; in-video CTAs and forms; video analytics; and personalized video messaging. It aims to empower organizations to connect with customers in more personal and authentic ways.

The solution makes it easier for sales team, for instance, to create and send videos to prospects, and service reps can use video to respond to customers and help them with service issues. Video in effect becomes a tool for using at all stages of the sales funnel, throughout the customer journey, Andrews says.

“What we’re hoping people do is shift from thinking about video as just a top-of-funnel awareness marketing tactic to really video as a business-wide strategy so instead of creating one or two highly produced marketing videos a year, you’re creating several throughout the year,” Andrews says.

According to Tyler Lessard, Vidyard’s vice president of marketing, HubSpot’s interest in using video in marketing, sales, and customer service was “one of the things that really…aligned us well.”

“On the marketing side, we want to make it easy for HubSpot customers to be able to publish video content on their landing pages, on their blogs, on their websites in a way that is consistent with their brand experience, in a way that they’re able to get more analytics and insights on that content, and be able to make smarter decisions based on the data that we can provide them,” Lessard says. “On the sales and service side… [HubSpot has] recognized, as have we, the power of being able to reach out as a sales or a customer service rep with custom videos and personal video messages. The real value there is making it easy for anyone in sales or customer service to be able to capture and send personal video messages.”

Andrews says that despite “the massive consumption” of video in recent years, new trends are still emerging that inbound marketers can capitalize on. “What we see is that the types of videos that people are watching are changing,” he says. “People used to be more drawn towards mass-appeal, viral-type videos, but today with so much video and so many options for watching video, people are really drawn towards whatever is personally interesting to them, things like Instagram Stories from your friends, YouTube tutorials that are really specific to something you need, Facebook videos of your friends’ kids. It’s that type of video, those really personal, authentic videos, that we think is a big opportunity for businesses today.”

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