• September 4, 2015
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Holden Unveils Adaptive Platform for Sales Training

Holden International this week unveiled a sales training tool, The Holden Adaptive Platform, which not only provides live training but then follows it up with live coaching and consulting sessions that reinforce the lessons learned.

The Holden Adaptive Platform is based on more than 35 years of experience working with more than 1 million sellers in 65 countries, combined with extensive research and analysis into adult cognitive learning, according to Pat Viohl, vice president of sales at Holden.

Skills development, he says, is best achieved through learning and practice that brings together awareness, knowledge transfer, and applying the concepts in real-world situations.

The Holden Adaptive Platform includes the following:

  • Online simulations that offer interactive sales training combined with games, quick insight videos, visualizations, and comprehensive looks into concepts. Game-based learning encourages sales reps to solve problems, think strategically, and achieve objectives.
  • Live deal coaching and consulting with expert Holden sales consultants who take the tools from the online simulations and put them into action. Available both in-person or by video conference, Holden consultants provide ongoing coaching to professionals through current campaigns, identifying areas for improvement along the way.
  • A complete sales performance software suite, which includes tools for demand generation, selling, and account planning. These tools can be integrated with existing CRM systems to amplify success.

Viohl also points out that Holden's offerings don't stop once the class is completed. The company also offers real-time coaching to help sustain the lessons learned over time.

The biggest benefit of Holden's approach, Viohl says, is that it really lets the training sink in. "With many sales tools, the behavioral change never really happens," he states. "[The Holden Adaptive Platform] doesn't just provide quick training but quick ways to change behaviors."

By applying behavioral analytics, Holden can watch how salespeople perform and interact in real-world sales scenarios.

As an added benefit, the system boosts the value of the CRM systems in use by its clients. "It really gives sellers a reason to go in and use the CRM system with real-time coaching that adds value," Viohl says.

"Our Holden Adaptive Platform transforms entire sales teams from order takers to demand creators by putting game-changing sales habits back into your team's busy day, fast," said Ryan Kubacki, Holden's CEO, in a statement. "This is possible because Holden has flipped the classroom so sellers can learn while they are still in the field. With bite-sized content and analytics to track usage and behavior indicators, adoption isn't an option, it's an addiction."

According to Viohl, the training isn't geared toward typical retail sales environments but more for "B2B sellers looking to close more complicated deals."

Though especially applicable to companies in the high tech, telecom, healthcare, and financial services sectors, the company's training "is relevant across industries," Viohl says.

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