Get It Mobile Launches Tracking Feature for In-App Advertisements

Get It Mobile, a mobile engagement platform provider, today released the Get It Track-Beyond-Install solution, which allows marketers to track ROI statistics for installed apps and in-app advertisements that are viewed on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android devices.

Track-Beyond-Install works across offline and online marketing sources, as well as mobile devices. Additionally, iOS conversions can be tracked without a unique device identifier.

"Track-Beyond-Install is an exciting addition to the already powerful Get It platform. It adds a whole new level of tracking to app marketing campaigns," Chris Tanner, Get It Mobile's CEO, said in a statement. "It's incredibly powerful to know which of your campaigns, down to the placement level, are best converting to install. And it doesn't end there; tracking return users provides an incredibly valuable way to know which campaigns are driving the highest-quality users."

To use the solution, an app publisher just has to add a few lines of code to the app. Once the code is in place, publishers can monitor their campaign results via the Get.It Partner site. In addition to conversions (i.e., when a user installs an app), usage metrics, such as app starts, can be monitored to identify which marketing tactics are driving high-value users. High-value users tend to be loyal users who drive incremental revenue by returning regularly to apps and increasing ad impressions or making additional in-app purchases.

Revenue from in-app purchases is expected to surpass revenue from pay-per-downloads in 2012, according to a February study from market intelligence company ABI Research.

The study predicts that overall revenues from mobile applications, including in-app purchases, pay-per-downloads, in-app advertising, and subscriptions will reach $46 billion by 2016, more than five times greater than the $8.5 billion earned in 2011.

ABI Research also reports that as in-app purchases become more widely available in applications other than mobile games, revenues from in-app purchases will exceed those from pay-per-downloads.

In addition, research shows that smartphone users are more likely to remember in-app ads than ads they view while browsing the Web from a mobile browser. More than half of the smartphone owners recalled ads they encountered in mobile applications in a survey by online marketing firm Compete. That number dropped to 40 percent when the respondents were asked about the ads they saw while surfing the mobile Web. The disparity is even greater among iPhone users, with 65 percent recalling in-app ads and only 33 percent recalling mobile browser ads.

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