• March 21, 2013

Freshdesk Brings Customizability to Customer Support with FreshThemes

Freshdesk, provider of a cloud-based customer support platform, launched FreshThemes, a suite of new customization capabilities that allow companies to tailor their customer support offerings to the preferences of their customers.

FreshThemes includes a gallery of ready-to-use support themes, allowing businesses to completely customize the look and feel of their help desk using their own cascading style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, and layouting.

With FreshThemes, companies can optimize the entire ticketing process to progress customers through a set of questions based on their previous answers. Companies using Freshdesk can decide what to show customers, where, and how to stylize every element of their customer support portal.

"Customers today demand a personal experience. When they come knocking at the door with a support issue, they are giving the business another chance to impress them", said Vikram Bhaskaran, director of marketing at Freshdesk, in a statement. "Here, the business can stick to metrics and stop with just satisfying the customer. Or they can go the extra mile to craft a lasting personality, and give customers that support experience that will make them delirious with joy."

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