• June 13, 2013

Freshdesk Announces FreshInsights Reporting Suite

Freshdesk, a provider of cloud-based customer support software, has launched FreshInsights, its next-generation reporting suite with proactive insights.

With the new reporting suite in Freshdesk, support teams can immediately identify the biggest issues choking their support, what is pulling down support efficiency, and which customers need more attention. However, FreshInsights goes beyond just offering reports and dashboards to helping managers identify red flags, and suggesting possible remedies for it. With FreshInsights, support heads can arm themselves with the information necessary to overcome bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and win back detractors.

"Customer support managers do not have the luxury of time to comprehend complex dashboards, which means they have always had to compromise between presenting elegant reports and driving actionable insights," said Vikram Bhaskaran, director of marketing at Freshdesk, in a statement. "With FreshInsights, customer support teams can now drive business intelligence, raise red flags and derive meaningful insights all from one place."

The massive amounts of data that Freshdesk requires to drive insights across its SaaS-based customer support solution sparked a need to rethink the fundamental architecture. To build FreshInsights to scale, Freshdesk partnered with Amazon's Redshift, a petabyte-scale data warehouse powered by Amazon Web Services.

"Traditional database architectures are not designed to scale across the millions of data points we need to create reports for thousands of businesses," said Shan Krishnaswamy, chief technology officer at Freshdesk, in the statement. "After researching over a dozen design, architecture, and database alternatives, we discovered that Amazon's Redshift was built exactly for the kind of data-intensive business intelligence that we needed in FreshInsights."

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