Exceed.ai Announces New Machine Learning Capabilities

Exceed.ai, a provider of an AI-powered sales assistant technology that automatically communicates with leads to help sales reps scale their efforts, recently announced a new version of its platform with enhanced machine learning, with an eye on better engaging with prospects.

Ilan Kasan, CEO at Exceed.ai, says that the machine learning technology enables three key capabilities, with the first the ability to learn from reps. “The ability to continuously learn from how reps are responding to questions—if you look at the typical interaction between a sales development rep and a prospect, they go back and forth—[so] how they respond and how they handle objection plays a key role,” he says.

Next, the enhanced machine learning can support chat and email, with the ability to seamlessly transition between the two channels. “Because we support both chat and email, we can take a conversation that starts over chat and continue it over email. For example, if somebody shows interest but never scheduled a meeting, we can pick up the conversation over email and try to schedule the meeting.”

The third feature is the ability to customize, which Kasan calls the most important part. "We allow every company to customize our system to reflect the way they sell and reflect their playbook,” he says.

The enhanced machine learning is also able to determine the best call to action to present to prospects. “We know to identify out of the box very common intents. For example, maybe somebody will ask for a case study. Typically, if somebody wants a case study it shows some strong intent, so if that lead meets certain criteria based on company size or title, we will know to make the offer to them immediately. ‘Hey, here’s the case study you requested, does it make sense for us to jump on a call?’ We know what qualification questions to ask, and what is the best call to action to respond to the inquiry,” Kasan explains.

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