Dialpad Launches Dialpad Sell

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Dialpad today launched Dialpad Sell, a new sales tool that enables reps to easily make calls from anywhere and understand the conversations they have in new ways, thanks to seamless voice, video, and messaging capabilities across devices as well as real-time insights and coaching via speech recognition and natural language processing.

“If you can start to understand those conversations at a deeper level, then you can start to replicate the best practices for your top performing reps, decrease the ramp time for new hires, and start to have better business conversations,” says Dan O’Connell, chief strategy officer at Dialpad. “Dialpad Sell is the combination of those two things—it’s a seamless way to make a call from anywhere, whether that’s on the web or on your mobile device, and then it’s an easy way for you to understand those conversations with the latest technologies.”

Among Dialpad Sell’s key features are GameTape and LiveCoach. The GameTape tool allows salespeople and managers to access call transcripts post-call that are created in real time. Additionally, sales reps can prerecord voicemails to leave in a prospect’s inbox. Managers have access to metrics such as call history analytics and can easily sort through calls using a searchable call history.

“With GameTape you have recordings of every conversation and you also have the ability to build call libraries—something that pops up for teams is they typically onboard new hires and say, ‘Hey, go listen to these calls, these are good ones where we handled this objection or here’s where this competitor was mentioned.’ [GameTape] is a really quick way to learn from those conversations and share them within an organization,” O’Connell elaborates.

LiveCoach provides in-call support including real-time recommendations and real-time sales coaching. The recommendations provide sales reps with immediate access to information that can help with objection handling, decrease employee ramp time, and build up confidence. The sales coaching feature provides managers with a live feed of their team’s active calls with updates on the sentiment of each caller as the call happens. Managers can choose to listen in or watch a live transcript and can message agents with coaching advice and guidance.

“The LiveCoach is a way that we can augment the conversation that’s fully customizable for every business. Out of the box it gives you basic items on the conversation, too: It tells you to slow down if you’re talking too fast; if you’ve had a long, rambling monologue, it tells you to ask a question; it tells you to use fewer filler words,” O’Connell says.

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