DialogTech Launches Conversation Insights Pro

DialogTech, a provider of actionable marketing analytics for inbound calls, today released Conversation Insights Pro, a solution that uses DialogTech's continuously learning artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and score calls generated from any marketing source to any business location or agent.

Conversation Insights Pro can help companies measure caller intent, sales agent interactions, and call outcomes. Insights are delivered in reports highlighting the marketing tactics generating the best leads and the sales tactics converting the most callers to customers.

Conversation Insights Pro includes dozens of proprietary call outcome indicators, such as Appointment Discussed, Quote Made, and Price Objection, with DialogTech's AI algorithms to score calls for lead score, sales opportunity, and conversion rate.

"If you're a marketer, you can now easily and quickly use and leverage AI to optimize marketing strategies, not only based on the quantity of those phone conversions, but now, with the analytics and the scoring, based on the quality of those leads," says Alain Stephan, senior vice president of analytics services at DialogTech. "For those companies that value inbound phone calls, this solution, Conversation Insights Pro, is able to help them validate the quality of those calls. They don't have to invest in manual call listening or spend any time doing that. It's using AI to help them understand what's happening." 

Sales managers can also use Conversation Insights Pro to help them understand the true performance of their staff based on which phone leads closed and why, according to Stephan.

"Inbound calls are a critical source of leads for our organization," said Bryan Huber, global vice president of digital marketing at Comfort Keepers, in a statement. "Using DialogTech's Conversation Insights Pro, we were able to gain incredible insights into those valuable interactions. We didn't need to hire a large team of data scientists and invest in AI tools. Conversation Insights Pro just worked. The data was delivered to us in a very straightforward, actionable way, allowing us to see what marketing efforts were driving the best leads and what best practices were being used to help close sales at the individual locations. Conversation Insights Pro is a game-changer for us."

DialogTech has also positioned the solution to help franchise operators. "[They] now can accurately measure and manage true location performance in a highly distributed business model,” Stephan says.

Conversation Insights Pro is the newest addition to DialogTech's family of solutions for analyzing voice, including Conversation Insights, a self-service solution for marketers to efficiently analyze call recordings and transcriptions, and Dialog Analytics, a custom-built AI and machine-learning solution for enterprises.

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