DataMentors Announces New Marketing Cloud

Data-as-a-service and right-time marketing provider DataMentors today announced its new Marketing Cloud solution, which aims to help businesses struggling to consolidate and synthesize data from multiple customer touch points by unifying disparate sources of data and using it to build real-time customer profiles.

The DataMentors Marketing Cloud offers three key features: marketing automation, analytics and insight, and the ability to unify fragmented data. With the continued dominance of social media and the rise of the Internet of Things, consumers are interacting with businesses in more ways than ever before, and effectively utilizing these different channels to interact with customers can be difficult. DataMentors Marketing Cloud enables marketers to create campaigns that identify if customers have visited their company’s Web site, which product categories customers have browsed, and whether customers have opened marketing emails or visited company stores. The solution also allows marketers to identify and deliver relevant content to consumers at the right time.

The DataMentors Marketing Cloud also empowers marketers with analytics via a graphical application. The application provides marketers with a visual representation of their audience and allows them to identify profitable and underperforming segments, as well as organize customers and prospects in various ways to uncover untapped segments. The solution provides built-in RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) and RFE (recency, frequency, engagement) analysis, as well as customer lifetime value models and multiple charts, graphs, maps, Venn diagrams, and pivot tables to identify different patterns in customer behavior.

Finally, the solution aims to provide a 360-degree customer view by pulling together fragmented customer behavioral data from sources such as Web site visits, opened email, social interactions, and completed forms and purchases. All of these behaviors are valuable sources of customer information, but that information is too often siloed, and marketers are daunted when it comes to accessing it. The DataMentors Marketing Cloud utilizes a range of system connectors to continuously collect and consolidate customer data from various sources and build a single customer view—without relying heavily on IT resources.

The DataMentors Marketing Cloud also offers real-time integration with over 500 digital technologies with the goal of easily unifying, managing, and scheduling data flows for multiple channels, and utilizes third-party data to gain deeper insights from first-party data.

In a statement, Bob Orf, CEO of DataMentors, said the release tackles the all-important goal of personalization:

"The DataMentors Marketing Cloud unifies data sources at scale and in real-time to build rich profiles of every customer. Using a robust suite of analytical tools, marketers can visually explore data and identify profitable segments to personalize content at each stage of the customer journey from acquisition to cross-sell to maturity." 

Anders Ekman, president of DataMentors, emphasized the importance of using data to drive customer engagement:

"The customer journey has become a common replacement for the sales funnel, as consumers move less linearly through the buying process. To improve marketing KPIs and ROI, companies have to utilize visual data discovery and customer journey marketing automation to optimize every customer touch point. The DataMentors Marketing Cloud simplifies this process for today's marketers."

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