• August 9, 2022

Companies Need to Increase Content Moderation

User-generated content attracts more traffic to companies' website, which increases customer engagement and improves search engine rankings. However, failure to moderate online content effectively can expose companies and their brands to real risks and negatively impact their bottom lines, Frost & Sullivan warned in a new report.

The research and analyst firm noted that the explosion of the internet and mobile devices led to the emergence of online platforms that allow both companies and their customers to share content for others to view. Social media platforms make sharing content with global audiences easy, and react buttons, comments sections, and message boards enable users to interact and share their opinions, feedback, and criticisms.

But, at the same time, digital platforms and websites can also include massive amounts of unverified information or even outright misinformation. Then there is the constant threat that malicious users will scam audiences or upload inappropriate or disturbing content, such as child pornography or hate speech, to these platforms, it warned.

 Additionally, brand reputation, customer relationships, and profitability can all be negatively impacted by the rise in cybersecurity attacks, data breaches, illegal data collection, fraud, unauthorized transactions, fraudulent advertisements, and copyright infringement.

Considering these repercussions, the onus of monitoring and moderating content lies on organizations that host the content or on the platform owners. Protecting organizations and customers through strategic and comprehensive digital trust and safety solutions are imperative, Frost & Sullivan said.

And while many companies choose to do this themselves, there are some third-party business process outsourcers that offer this service. They include Concentrix, Genpact, Hexaware, Majorel, TaskUs, Teleperformance, and Webhelp.

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