Collibra Announces Updated, 'Consumerized' Data Governance

Data governance provider Collibra today announced Collibra 5.0, a solution that helps organizations leverage their data by serving as a unifed and searchable source of information. The solution, which can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud, looks to offer users a "consumerized" approach to data governance by enabling them to "shop" for data in the same way that they would for products on e-commerce sites. According to Dan Sholler, director of product marketing at Collibra, the company's goal is "to provide software that allows people to find, understand, and trust their data."

"The meaning of data varies a lot: People use it in different ways, they do different things with it, they manipulate it differently, they sometimes calculate things differently," Sholler says. "You wind up with situations where information that everyone thinks is all the same is in fact not entirely the same because of the huge range of subtle distinctions that could be there."

The introduction of a data catalog is the key feature of Collibra 5.0. The Collibra Catalog aims to assist users in discovering and assembling data sets, as well as serve as a unified source of intelligence for all members of an organization. Furthermore, data experts have access to semantic search features that help them find, use, and enrich data assets. The Catalog relies on machine learning to serve up increasingly relevant data to users over time and includes functionality that links data sources, business applications, data lakes, data quality systems, and all sources of metadata into a single responsive system.

"The big headline is the release of our catalog capability," Sholler says. "A data catalog is something that people have been talking about for a while, but we're really at the point now where it's crucial again to empower all of these very broad uses of enterprise data. You see a lot of reasons for it—Big Data has made the need for a catalog become very visible."

Collibra 5.0 also comes equipped with several usability features. Global Create enables users to create a new item of any type at any time without navigating to a particular view; Global Views allows them to customize and save specific data views within different Collibra applications. Working View permits users to customize and save any view of their data at any time, a view they can return to at a later date; Faceted Filters allows them to search for data by specific characteristics. Finally, users can sort, add to, delete, and reorder data using View Improvements, and improve visualization of lineage and relationships using Diagram Overlays.

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