Clari and Marketo Announce Partnership

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Sales forecasting software provider Clari and marketing automation vendor Marketo today announced a partnership aimed at uniting sales and marketing departments across the revenue funnel.

“Marketing and sales leaders are now working together to drive revenue,” says Somrat Niyogi, vice president of business development at Clari. “What this partnership is really all about is a longer-term commitment by both companies to solve the divide…that sales and marketing leaders have.”

As part of the announcement, the duo is introducing the Clari Marketo Connector, which will integrate data from Marketo and Marketo Sales Engage into Clari’s platform. The integration will give Clari users visibility into customer engagement activity from Marketo, allowing sales reps to see when prospects open marketing emails, download content, or register for webinars. Additionally, reps can view this marketing engagement data alongside prospect activity signals captured in Clari, with the goal of empowering sales to work with marketing on deal acceleration. Furthermore, the integration will provide sales managers with more context around how deals are progressing so that they can better identify risk in the pipeline.

“If you talk to most sales leaders, they will say, ‘We don’t really know what marketing is doing to drive value in my pipeline,’ but we all know as marketers that they’re doing a lot,” Niyogi says. “Sales doesn’t have visibility into that, so one of our first integrations is to bring the powerful data that exists in Marketo to Clari.”

In addition to giving sales a better view of customer engagement data, the Clari Marketo Connector aims to improve marketing-sales alignment by doing three key things: (1) align marketing campaigns with sales activity against target accounts; (2) determine the influence of marketing campaigns on closed opportunities; and (3) increase data quality by automatically capturing contacts that sales are engaged with that are not logged back into a CRM system.

Going forward, Clari and Marketo plan to collaborate on additional integrations, with the goals of identifying promising opportunities, prioritizing engaged accounts at the right time, and streamlining the nurturing of idle accounts. The two companies plan to enhance Clari’s AI-based opportunity score with engagement data from Marketo with the goal of providing sales reps with a better indication of which deals are most likely to close. Marketing activity in Clari Team Activity will be monitored to intelligently alert sales reps as to when engagement is high so that they can focus their efforts on accounts the exhibit true buying intent. And finally, feeding data from Clari into Marketo will trigger smart marketing campaigns for accounts and opportunities that need marketing support.

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