Clari Announces Connected Revenue Operations Platform

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Clari today launched its Connected Revenue Operations platform, which extends its data platform, automation, and AI analytics to all parts of organizations’ revenue teams, including sales, marketing, and customer success, to drive full funnel accountability across these departments.

The new platform aims to empower teams to work together toward their goals by getting them on the same page, predicting outcomes, and driving results. On the first front, it bridges organizational and data silos so that all teams are using a single platform to drive and measure revenue results. “Revenue operations, we use that to refer to all of the parts of the organization driving revenue in a B2B company, so that’s marketing, sales, the operations teams that support them, the customer success team, and the leadership. When we say ‘getting on the same page,’ it means connecting all of those parts of the organization around a common view of the business, and a common data hub, so they’re all looking at the same thing,” explains Cornelius Willis, CMO at Clari.

When it comes to predicting outcomes, the platform strives to keep teams informed about risk and opportunity, by using machine learning and predictive analytics to examine a customer’s history with the company and make predictions and recommendations based on that history. “The most important thing that we do as go-to-market leaders, whether we’re running marketing or sales or customer success, is make commitments on behalf of our organizations…to do what we say we’re going to do. Clari’s machine learning and predictive capabilities are central to that,” Willis says. “Being able to make those predictions is critical for all those different parts of the revenue organization because every one of us has to stand up and be accountable for the investment that our stakeholders are making in us.”

As for driving results, the platform aims to improve visibility and trust as well as save time for teams in the organization. “When we say drive results, what we mean is we take those predictive insights, we take that data, and we package it in these really intuitive sales- and marketing-ready workflows that fit right into the way the organization operates, into the operational cadence of sales and marketing. Whether it’s a one-on-one between a manager and an employee or a quarterly business review…the product is designed to fit into those workflows and inform them,” Willis says.

The platform also sees the introduction of Clari for Marketing and Clari for Customer Success. Clari for Marketing features the Clari Autocapture feature, which automatically collects sales contacts that aren’t logged, updates the CRM, enhances the contacts, and maps them to the right accounts and opportunities. “What we’ve done with our Autocapture feature is that we harvest all of the contacts and meeting information and automatically update the CRM,” Willis says. “What this means for marketers is that they can see all the contacts that sales is meeting with, and they can do all kinds of things with those. [For example,] if they lose the deal, they come back to them in six months and try to do what we call a ‘marketing wake the dead.’”

With Clari for Customer Success, the platform allows customer success teams to use AI-powered insights to determine churn risk and upside in the renewal pipeline. Additionally, activity data form email, calendar, and other business systems provides visibility into how customer success managers are spending time, with an eye on informing resource allocation decisions. “The same approaches that we use for forecasting opportunities, we can also use the same machine learning capabilities to forecast churn. That is extremely useful for the customer success team to identify where to focus, to make sure that those accounts stay healthy,” Willis says.

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