Certain Makes Meetings Trackable for Marketers

Certain, an enterprise software-as-a-service platform that focuses on event management, has enhanced a number of features in its solution to make meetings and events more trackable for marketers.

According to Peter Micciche, CEO of Certain, "We saw the market really supported social and mobile [event management] and we saw an opportunity to really be able to connect the role that event management plays with CRM." A number of Fortune 500 clients were leveraging Certain's software in sales and marketing-related activities, which served as the impetus for the company's latest range of platform updates.

Events constitute approximately 36 percent of an average marketing budget, Micciche points out, which led Certain to look at the event management application as more than a set of logistics. "Because we're now capturing the interaction with the attendee through digital means, we now have the ability to step back and analyze what has actually with individual attendees, attendees in an aggregate at a conference or across a number of conferences," Micciche adds.

A new feature, Self-Scheduled Appointments, matches meeting and event attendees to each other and to sessions based on their interest graphs and preferences. Each attendee's event persona is enriched with profile data that can be tied back to post-event sales and marketing outreach.

Event Views offers event attendees personalized breakdowns of their meeting schedules, connections on social networks, travel details, and access to pertinent event news and information. Micciche says one of the benefits of an engaged attendee hub such as Certain is the ability it gives sales, marketing, and event sponsors to connect with prospects through the personalized platform.

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