Capgemini Creates Service Line Focused on Digital Customer Experiences

As companies pursue end user-focused experiences, consulting firm Capgemini has created a new global service line, Digital Customer Experience (DCX). The service will focus on combining experts across disciplines in Capgemini, as well as engaging multiple divisions of companies as they embark on their digital transformation.

"Traditionally, digital has been driven in silos, and been the purview of the CIO or the CMO," says Scott Clarke, vice president and head of the digital customer experience for Capgemni. "We have to get away from engaging our clients in pockets." To become digital, more areas of business need to work together, not just customer-facing disciplines such as marketing and customer service, but back-end parts of the business like supply chains as well.

By ignoring silos and bringing together experts in all these disciplines on the consulting and client side, Capgemini believes it will be able to help companies engage customers better and make those business changes sustainable. "We're trying to get smarter about aligning our offerings by sector or vertical, versus traditional distinctions like supply chain or customer experience," Clarke says.

Capgemni's Digital Customer Experience consulting services will apply a variety of "digital transformation methodologies" to help companies embrace the opportunities of digital. For example, Capgemini created a "digital maturity assessment tool that determines how ready you are as an organization to embark on your digital journey," Clarke explains. The 20-minute, 100-question survey, which is administered to different executives, helps them benchmark their company's digital readiness.

The Digital Customer Experience service will also evaluate how technologies such as CRM or marketing automation "fit together to create a more effective environment of innovation," Clarke says. "You don't want to figure these out as you go along. About fifty percent of our clients who reach out to us have already started to invest in technology, but they did so without thinking about what outcomes they want for their customer, and what kind of capabilities they need across the enterprise." Capgemini will help clients identify their goals and needs, as well as evaluate success. "All our clients are focused on quantification of benefits," Clarke says, a reaction to the early 2000s, "when CRM become a dirty acronym" for high-cost, low-reward deployments.

The creation of the Digital Customer Experience services line emerged, in part, due to a partnership with the MIT Center of Digital Business. Over the past three years, Capgemini and MIT's think tank on digital engagement have worked together on a research program that investigated companies' digital transformation, Clarke says. "We want to take the outcomes that have come out of this research and tie that back to specific business issues or problems. It's led by academic thinking, and we're supporting that with frameworks and tools based on the revelations of this research."

According to Clarke, the combination of the new Digital Customer Experience service line and its existing partnership with the MIT Center of Digital Business ties back to Capgemni's ultimate goal."We want to stay on the vanguard of digital transformation, and for our clients to understand the short-term and-long term challenges and opportunities of digital transformation."

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