Campaign Monitor Announces One-to-One Email Marketing Solution

Campaign Monitor recently announced the launch of Campaign Monitor 1-to-1 Email Marketing, a solution that aims to enable marketers to deliver personalized email experiences to each of their customers. According to the company, the new solution offers the same personalization capabilities as enterprise marketing platforms without the complexity, expense, and need for ongoing engineering support.

Campaign Monitor identified making data actionable as a challenge for marketers—though organizations collect data on nearly all customer actions, the data is often fragmented across channels, making it difficult to use. The new solution aims to solve that problem and ensure that marketers deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

To that end, the solution has four key features:

  • It tracks customer behavior across multiple brand touch points. With it, marketers can inform their email marketing strategies with behavioral data from channels such as websites, mobile apps, booking systems, and e-commerce platforms.
  • It creates advanced customer segments based on their activity. Customer behavior is used to create segments related to how customers are engaging with the brand, which helps to ensure the delivery of relevant content. Additionally, these segments are dynamic—customers can move in and out of segments based on their activity, ensuring that marketers are targeting the right people.
  • It triggers personalized journeys by customer activity. Behavior from websites, apps, and e-commerce platforms is captured in real time and can be used to trigger automated customer journeys that deliver the right email at the right time.
  • It creates one-to-one email content based on each individual’s actions. Marketers can use a drag-and-drop email builder to design their emails as well as configure sections of the email to deliver content that is unique to each customer’s activity.

“As a career marketer, the most exciting thing here for me is how we’re now able to democratize the power of personalization. By making this available for growing brands, they can now drive engagement in a whole new way by harnessing behavioral customer data. This type of access will allow our customers to really punch above their weight class and drive real results for their business,” says Andrea Wildt, CMO at Campaign Monitor.

“When it comes to personalization and increasing engagement with subscribers, data is key. With access to these different sources of behavioral customer data, our customers will now have the ability to target their campaigns and automated journeys more precisely to send exactly the right message to the right person at the right time,” she adds. 

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