• October 11, 2011
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

CRM365 Launches with Next-Gen Intelligence Platform

CRM365, a new, social/mobile, data-led offering designed to help clients build meaningful connections to their most valuable customers and make sense of the massive amount of data available, officially launched today.

The new venture will be headed by Seth Solomons, formerly the chief marketing officer at Digitas, a provider of integrated strategy, technology, and marketing solutions to e-commerce companies, and will fall under the auspices of Publicis Group, Digitas' parent company in France. The new stand-alone company will be based in New York.

"The formation of CRM365 is a logical extension of the success Digitas has had in the CRM space," Solomons says.

CRM365 will center is offerings around the CRM365 Intelligence Platform, which contains the following components:

  • Customer Contact Management via the proprietary Interactions Engine, built on a private cloud to facilitate real-time learning and performance marketing output. This software solution will pull data in real time from a number of sources and deliver it to the customer "at the right time and in the right environment," Solomons says. "It's about meeting the speed of need for customers who are struggling to manage their large amounts of data."
  • Customer Value Management and Big Data Advanced Analytics: a service using skilled analysts and consultants to provide social and mobile data integration and intelligence, measurement, and reporting.
  • Performance-Driven Creative, a software-as-a-service offering to test service delivery applications, with a focus on lead generation, retention, and loyalty program acceleration.

"Our ambition for CRM365 is to set a new standard for CRM," Solomons says. "Clients are feeling the pain of extracting insights from the magnitude of data collected and available. We will deliver significant value through a combination of strategic and platform solutions that will enable real-time, always-on customer management across all channels, with a focus on social and mobile."

CRM365 will target companies that are driven by data, notably those in the hospitality, travel, retail, consumer electronics, and automotive industries, according to Solomons.

"These companies are at an inflection point, where social and mobile and the amount of data related to them is tough for businesses to wrap their arms around," he says.

"We have seen significant demand for CRM expertise that delivers a strategic and streamlined solution to the big data opportunity. The CRM365 Intelligence Platform will enable our clients to drive even stronger returns from their customer marketing investments," said Laura Lang, CEO of Digitas, in a statement. "Overall, the $3 billion CRM market promises accelerated growth."

CRM365 launches with an established network of business partners, including Conversen, a campaign management platform company, and DeepMile Networks, an advanced analytics company with a focus on social CRM, big data management, and location-based advertising and targeting.

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