• July 1, 2020

Bridging eCommerce and CRM

PayPro Global, an e-commerce solutions provider, has launched a highly integrated Salesforce connector that bridges e-commerce and CRM. Slimware Utilities will be the first company to implement the tool.

"Through our public APIs, PayPro Global's new connector is able to integrate ecommerce and Salesforce CRM in a powerful and dynamic way by connecting online purchasing data with customer relationship management," said Hugh Minson, director of platform product marketing at Salesforce. "Implementations like this leverage the full power of the Salesforce Platform, ensuring incredible companies, such as Slimware Utilities, are benefitting from a 360-degree view of their customers."

"We are excited to debut our new Salesforce connector to our clients and couldn't be happier to have Slimware Utilities as our launch partner for the new functionality," said Jason Foodman, PayPro Global's CEO, in a statement. "Understanding and creating an immediate relationship with your customers is more important today than ever before. By tightly connecting the PayPro Global purchase information with the Salesforce Platform, our clients can begin that relationship immediately and with all of the necessary information at their fingertips."

With a real-time, single view of the customer within the Salesforce Platform, the Slimware Utilities sales team is now able to create connected experiences with customers across all touchpoints. Sales order data can be populated instantly into Salesforce CRM.

"A key component to our revenue model includes using our Salesforce CRM to better understand our clients and their purchasing history so that we can better serve them long term," said Tae Kim, general manager of Slimware Utilities, in a statement. "PayPro Global's highly customized Salesforce connector enables us to embed real-time purchasing information from our website into Salesforce and to in turn use that data to maximize our revenue, continue to develop, and further scale our business."

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