BrandMaker Launches Customer Engagement Cloud

Marketing technology provider BrandMaker today announced its Customer Engagement Cloud, which aims to transform B2B marketers' contact with prospects through content that is personalized by audience, channel, and stage in the customer journey.

The solution automatically adjusts content to different audiences and channels based on their individual needs and progress in the customer journey. Additionally, it can provide users with reports detailing prospects’ engagement with sales and marketing material, including information such as time spent on each piece of content and with whom the content was shared, as well as recommendations for additional content that the prospect would likely be interested in. 

"The Customer Engagement Cloud is a unique combination of marketing software, methodology, and best practices that offers B2B companies a new way of marketing, resulting in less waste in top-of-the-funnel lead generation and marketing communications efforts and producing a marked increase in truly qualified leads for enterprise marketing teams that are typically faced with long and complex marketing cycles," says Stephan Nobs, CMO at BrandMaker. "We do this by using a software-based approach that aligns customer stage, content, and communication channel. We enable B2B marketers to deliver a clearly defined prospect the right content at the right time through the right communication channel, which creates better leads, improves middle-of-the-funnel efforts, and reduces the lead mortality rate."

The result, Nobs says, is that marketers can create more tailored, impactful, and efficient marketing engagement that "leads to a higher close rate and increases sales productivity significantly.”

"We believe the industry has focused for too long on push marketing—that is, bombarding potential customers with content until they either make a purchase or, more likely, break off contact in frustration," Nobs says. "We are marketing enthusiasts and practitioners at heart, not just technologists, so we are familiar with the theory of how you convince someone to buy—how you take them from being unaware of your product or service all the way to feeling 'nurtured and 'qualified.' This process is at the core of any successful marketing program. But where traditional marketing has failed is actually aligning prospects' needs and emotional state at any given time in the process with the most appropriate content."

The goal is to enable potential customers to direct their own journeys, with access to content that is meaningful to them, Nobs says. To accomplish that goal, the solution provides a framework and delivery mechanism to help marketers deliver "timely content to prospects in a respectful way." The Customer Engagement Cloud is "designed to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, creating better-qualified leads through meaningful dialogues with prospects and customers alike,” he adds.

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