BookingBug Announces Studio Customer Experience Platform

BookingBug, a provider of scheduling and event management software, today announced its new customer experience platform, Studio. Designed for enterprise retailers and financial services organizations, Studio captures and analyzes customer journey data to provide staff with actionable customer insights that will ultimately improve the customer experience.

“It’s all about the starting point. The customer journey today can literally start anywhere and end anywhere. Businesses need to be able to capture data and customer insights no matter where the interaction begins in order to have that holistic view,” says Glenn Shoosmith, CEO at BookingBug. “Studio does just that—it ensures historic customer data is compiled into a profile to help guide and inform future interactions.”

Studio draws upon data from multiple customer touchpoints to create a unified customer profile. The extensible platform collects information from interactions such as in-store, phone, email, and SMS—and integrates with third parties such as CRM platforms, business intelligence tools, and Google Analytics—to enable a comprehensive view of customers. In so doing, it aims to reduce the administrative tasks typically associated with meetings, allowing staff to instead focus on building strong relationships with their customers.

“Studio is an extremely flexible platform, and we’ve only just started to launch some of the technology that drives it in terms of its ability to pull in the multitude of touchpoints for a customer,” Shoosmith says. “Studio is built on top of our own APIs and our own open source SDK—it’s a truly extensible platform that other toolsets can build into.”

Studio has three other key features, the first of which is managing multi-location staff; its scheduling capability can manage staff working both at fixed locations and while traveling. The second focuses on making business insights easily accessible. The platform includes dashboards and reporting that deliver a holistic view of information such as customer wait times, staff utilization, and peak time periods for bookings. The third focuses on expediting check-in for staff and customers. The platform captures customer data such as arrival times and seen time with the goal of delivering a faster process for staff and customers alike.

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