• November 6, 2013

Birst Releases Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator

Birst, a provider of cloud-based business intelligence software, today launched its Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator, to help subscription-based businesses maximize revenue, accelerate growth, and reduce churn by putting business intelligence and data analysis capabilities at their fingertips.

With the Birst Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator, businesses offering software-as-a-service, ongoing maintenance contracts, and other subscription-based products and services can gain critical insight into key product and revenue performance and trending customer data, based on industry best practices. The new solution automatically captures data from NetSuite, salesforce.com, and other information silos within organizations, analyzes it against pre-configured industry-standard key performance indicators to give businesses a clear view of current and historical performance, enabling them to proactively spot threats and opportunities with rich visualizations, customizable data dashboards and automated reports.

The Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator automatically pulls in data from existing sources and produces key metrics, like product sales, customer data, renewal status, contract value, acquisition cost, payback period, and more. It automatically extracts live and historical data from NetSuite and salesforce.com, using pre-configured Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) scripts and star-schemas alongside built-in operational metrics and attributes, to analyze and add contextual meaning to the data. A library of pre-built visualizations, dashboards, and reports display the data and let users customize parameters, attributes, and metrics to their specific business needs.

"As a rapidly growing SaaS company, we well understand the key metrics that CEOs and CFOs require to measure the success of their organizations. The Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator gives other SaaS companies that insight; they can simply turn on Birst, connect to cloud ERP and CRM applications, and instantly get a dashboard with their organization's Magic Number, churn, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and bookings growth," said Brad Peters, CEO and co-founder of Birst, in a statement. "Birst's unique cloud BI automation capabilities give our customers the ability to experience this value with unprecedented speed."

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