Bill.com Extends to the Mobile Market

Bill.com announced yesterday that its mobile application is now available for all of its customers to manage their financial operations on-the-go. With Bill.com Mobile, users can review, approve, and make payments at anytime using their mobile devices.

The mobile application is a Web-optimized version of the classic Bill.com platform and  works with any smartphone or Web-connected mobile device. Mobile customers can also review digital images of bills, access all of their accounts from a single dashboard, and switch between the mobile and classic Bill.com versions.

“We’ve known for a long time that Bill.com users access the service while on-the-go,” says Jeff Schultz, vice president of sales and marketing at Bill.com. “They’ve told us they’ve reviewed documents and approved and paid bills from dressing rooms, taxi cabs, and beaches. We’re all about efficiency and saving businesses time, so we wanted to create an optimized experience for mobile devices that would make it even easier for them to get the most essential tasks done while out of the office.”

According to Schultz, prototype to initial launch took less than two months. “We’ve been thinking for quite awhile about ways to optimize for the Web and add value above the way we already worked on mobile devices,” he says. “Some of the approaches we used to demonstrate PayPal apps integration last fall translate well in the mobile space, and our architecture is well-suited for integrating into other platforms using widgets.”

Not only is convenience for customers a priority for Bill.com, security is also a primary concern. All financial information is kept on Bill.com’s software-as-a-service platform, ensuring that bank account information is secure and encrypted. “When we compare [Bill.com] to what most people do today, it’s far more secure and far more private,” Schultz says. “Most businesses today carry their check stock and their vendor records in filing cabinets, which are very easily stolen. Every single time they send out a check it includes private information that also can be used to steal money from them, and we prevent all of that.”

In addition to the secure connection, René Lacarte, CEO and founder of Bill.com, says the classic and mobile products make the bill paying process more transparent for customers. “There are a lot of different sets of permissions to choose from, and once that’s set up, we have a record of that,” he explains. “We also have a complete audit trail on every transaction so you can see who created a bill, who approved a bill, the date the bill was approved, who paid the bill, and the date that the payment went out the door.”

Bill.com Mobile is included as part of the business bill payment service for $19.99 per month and the business bill payment and online invoicing service for $24.99 per month.

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