Bigtincan Adds SalesAI to the Bigtincan Hub

Today, mobile sales enablement provider Bigtincan strengthened its Hub platform with SalesAI, a set of unified capabilities that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to guide sales professionals through their daily activities and boost team productivity.

Bigtincan's Hub is designed to help sales professionals prepare for meetings and engage clients, and ultimately close more deals in less time. The Hub—which integrates with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce.com, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics—aims to ensure that users have the right pieces of content for each sales situation, regardless of a sale's stage in the funnel, whether the meeting is being done in person or virtually, and whether the rep is on a mobile or desktop device.
According to David Keane, founder and CEO of Bigtincan, the interface operates in a similar fashion to Apple's iTunes and App Store environments in that it continuously works to adjust content to meet the personal preferences of each registered user, doing so by reading a number of contextual data points, including the salesperson's location and time, his role within an organization, and the type of network he is connected to, among other things.
The SalesAI upgrade uses machine learning–based algorithms that combine pattern matching with usage analytics and predictive modeling to improve productivity in four key areas: video, audio, and text-based content recommendations; peer learning; meeting prep; and document creation. The Hub works to continuously track and monitor user activity, and then analyzes customer engagement and success information to provide intelligent recommendations to employees. For instance, it can analyze what a user has done and compare that to the actions of others in a firm to let people know what they should consider doing to improve their performance.
"In any sales organizations there's always a few people who are super good and do their job really well, and many that would like to do well but haven't yet been able to make the breakthrough to being successful on the system," Keane says. One benefit of SalesAI is that within large organizations whose teams span geographies, users can connect easily with distant colleagues to gain insights and collaborate. In the Hub, users can access a leader board screen that lists high-performing reps so that underperformers can follow and understand the actions of successful peers. The engine also works to connect users with workers who hold similar interests.
Another benefit: Unlike many CMS systems, the Hub with SalesAI doesn't require marketers to add tags to the content they distribute to sales teams; the intelligent engine does the work for them. Often the reality is that tags tend to become outdated, Keane says, as companies change structures and release new products over time; this does away with the problem.
Bigtincan's Hub with SalesAI is available today; pricing ranges from $20 to $30 per user seat a month.
"We believe that this idea of predicting and guiding behavior is really quite interesting and can make a big difference in terms of how people work and the productivity of their engagement with information," Keane says.

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