• June 21, 2012

Badgeville Launches Social Mechanics

Badgeville has launched Social Mechanics, a new offering that allows companies to apply the same dynamics that power popular social networks to drive similar user behaviors on top of their own Web sites and applications. Social Mechanics expands on Badgeville's Social Context offering, which launched last September.

Social Mechanics makes a company's digital touchpoints inherently more social and dynamic. Letting customers and employees follow relevant people, content, products, and data, Social Mechanics provides better context for how other users interact with their favorite Web sites and get work done inside their critical enterprise applications.

"Social Mechanics is the next, important chapter in our goal to drive more engaging experiences across Web sites and applications for world-class companies," said Kris Duggan, CEO of Badgeville, in a statement. "By exposing the real-time behaviors that users perform, it encourages others to follow in their footsteps almost instantaneously, improving customer loyalty and employee performance."

As Social Mechanics increases the number of valuable behaviors users perform, Badgeville's Game Mechanics empowers companies to reward them for their participation. With smart gamification elements like points, achievements, levels, and missions, the Behavior Platform helps companies improve user growth, retention, adoption, and overall engagement.

For example, on a retail sporting goods site, a customer is notified via Badgeville Social Mechanics that another user wrote a review about the latest pair of running sneakers. Upon reading the review, the user comments on it, and eventually writes her own review on running shorts. With Badgeville's smart gamification, she then receives the "Marathon" achievement, which counts towards special privileges and access for running products.

Key features in Badgeville's Social Mechanics include the following:

  • The Behavior Graph, which sits at the core of Badgeville. In addition to fostering people-to-people connections like a traditional social graph, the Badgeville Behavior Graph empowers site owners to connect users through their activities around key objects, such as commenting on content or reviewing a product.
  • Social Context, a collection of rich activity streams that surface the contextually relevant behaviors users perform. With personalized filtering, end users can receive updates from just the people and content they explicitly follow. Leveraging Badgeville's ability to process rich metadata, companies can also create Custom Streams that map behavior updates to specific content, site sections, and application modules.
  • Find & Follow, which lets users cull their social networks to see if they have any personal connections on the site, and easily follow them and others. They can also follow specific pages, products, and content with the simple click of a button.
  • Real-Time Notifications, which alert users about contextually relevant behaviors as they happen in real time, connecting them with valuable content and products.

Social Mechanics is available a la carte or as an extension to the core Behavior Platform gamification engine. Pricing varies by community size.

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