Aviso Announces New AI Solutions

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Aviso today announced new artificial intelligence solutions aimed at improving win rates and closing more deals: Aviso WinScore, Aviso Opportunity Insights, and Aviso Opportunity Maps.

“The Aviso WinScore, Aviso Opportunity Insights, Aviso Opportunity Maps, and then our well-known AI forecasting are all being packaged together in a newer product,” says Michael Lock, CEO at Aviso. “The focus for Aviso going forward is, we won’t forget about forecasting, but I think our customers are more concerned with making the revenue line go up rather than forecasting it accurately.”

WinScore aims to identify the statistical probability of a deal closing within a forecast time frame. “What the Aviso WinScore is is the exact statistical probability of a deal to close,” Lock explains. “We have pretty good statistical probabilities of whether it’s going to rain today or not; we have pretty good statistical probabilities of who might win an election when we have enough data; we certainly have pretty good statistical probabilities of who’s winning this weekend’s football games. And yet unbelievably, in sales, we don’t have good statistical analytics of pipelines or specific details, and that’s what the Aviso WinScore is: We examine thousands if not hundreds of thousands of data points and come up with that statistical probability.”

Opportunity Insights aim to surface the most influential opportunity details. “When we first did this, we just spit them out a score…[but] salespeople tend to overestimate the probability of a deal to close. So what we did is we said, ‘Just telling them the score isn’t enough.’… So we actually provide real reasons as to why the score is that way,” Lock says.

Opportunity Maps aim to help managers identify risk and upside to close more deals. According to Lock, they feature a “focus category” that indicates deals “that are most likely to close based off of both human intuition and AI”; a category indicating an upside set of deals with “high scores from AI, and if you just focus on them you maybe could make your number go up”; and a risk category with “every deal that is committed by a rep but has a below-average AI score.”

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