• October 15, 2013

Avaya Releases New Collaboration Tools

Avaya today unveiled a set of software and cloud-based services designed to transform the way enterprises and organizations work.  

The products unveiled today are the following:

  • Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment: An all-new software platform that dissolves the complexity of embedding collaboration and communications capabilities into business applications, making it possible to develop creative new ways of doing business. For example, a healthcare patient monitoring system can automatically trigger a collaboration session between several doctors based on the vitals of a critical care patient that is being monitored 24x7. As a result, new social, mobile or cloud-based collaboration capabilities can be added to business applications or processes generally without the cost and time previously required.
  • Avaya IP Office 9.0: The cornerstone of Avaya's midmarket business collaboration portfolio, Avaya IP Office 9.0 offers increased scale, flexible deployment options, simplified management, and support for enterprise branch deployments. Avaya IP Office software extends Avaya innovation to the midmarket, delivering a collaboration experience across voice, video, and mobility for up to 2,000 users. With new virtualization capabilities, a feature-rich, collaboration and communication solution can typically be set up in under an hour.
  • Avaya Messaging Service (AMS): Real-time mobile collaboration and communications via the cloud for any size business, using any vendor's platform. Avaya Messaging Service extends SMS messages to and from smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop devices, thereby enabling one-number communications via text messaging. By flowing the messages through a corporate network, AMS brings the same level of security, compliance, and quality companies expect in email to the world of text messaging.
  • Advances to Avaya Aura: The engine behind enterprise communications and collaboration, Avaya Aura users can now support both cloud and virtualized environments with the addition of multi-tenancy and enhanced virtualization capabilities.  Additionally, customers can now support up to 10 mobile devices from a single phone number, enabling people to connect on a wide variety of devices.

"Today, teams are located all over the globe, trying to work on a variety of devices as they move between meetings or connecting flights. It has never been harder to physically come together, and at the same time expectations have never been higher," said Avaya CEO and President Kevin Kennedy in a statement. "Avaya's simple, intuitive software and cloud-based services are designed to be effective, efficient, and transparent so people can focus on the task at hand and not the barriers that are too often present in today's business technology."

"Companies have been actively interested in getting more value out of communication and collaboration investments, but until now were limited by the complexity and specialized skill set needed to combine them with other applications and processes," added Gary Bennett, senior vice president and general manager of collaboration at Avaya, in the statement. "We've just eliminated those challenges. I believe we're on the threshold of a whole new age of creativity and innovation in collaboration as companies begin to understand what's now possible with Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment."

According to the company, today's introductions are the latest developments in Avaya's transformation. Six years ago the company began a shift from a telecommunications company to a provider of mobile, open, scalable collaboration and communications solutions for companies of all sizes. These new offerings are part of the $2.5 billion investment in research and development made by Avaya during this time to reshape its portfolio for the future of collaboration.

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