Aprimo and Episerver Announce Partnership

Aprimo and Episerver today announced a partnership that brings the former’s digital asset management (DAM) and marketing resource management (MRM) platform to the latter’s Digital Experience Cloud. The alliance aims to provide marketing, customer experience, and e-commerce teams with a closed-loop process for creating and delivering content.

Drawing upon their mutual Microsoft partnerships, the two companies combined their software-as-a-service technologies for the integration, which runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Aprimo’s DAM and MRM platform aims to streamline the content life cycle, from idea to creation to archiving. Episerver Digital Experience Cloud users can leverage content from the Aprimo platform with an eye on delivering customer experiences that are personalized, scalable, and effective.

Additionally, users of Episerver Commerce—either as a stand-alone digital commerce platform or within the Digital Experience Cloud—can access product content and associated data in the Aprimo platform with the goal of delivering engaging, omnichannel shopping experiences.

“Enterprise brands are going after omnichannel experiences but oftentimes fail to scale,” says Ed Breault, head of marketing at Aprimo. “When they fail to scale, they’re looking for solutions that can help them across all of their experience touchpoints—that’s commerce, that’s their mobile experience, that’s their channel experience, anywhere a customer or potential customer would have a moment of need. The brand is trying to get their content, their message, their transaction optimized, and they need technology for all the behind-the-scenes work.”

By bringing marketing, digital, and e-commerce content together in a single solution, the integration aims to reduce rogue campaigns, delayed projects, and other inconsistent experiences that may result in lost customers. Additionally, it provides executive leadership with visibility into the content creation process as well as content performance data for accurate return-on-investment analysis.

“You have Episerver, which comes from a content, commerce, and customer experience background, and then you have Aprimo, which has digital asset management and manages the whole content lifecycle, the business of experience, the business of marketing, and they needed each other to come together to achieve the whole value proposition that we’re putting into the market. It was a natural connection,” Breault says.

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