AppNexus Releases Marketplace Transparency Tools

Advertising technology company AppNexus today announced the launch of Advanced Deal Metrics and Bid Error Report, two new features that are designed to assist publishers and advertisers in identifying and remedying problems with their deals and real-time bidding strategies, as well as improve programmatic buying and selling. With the new tools, the company, which caters to publisher and advertisers, looks to optimize data capture and facilitate information sharing between buyers and sellers.

The Advanced Deal Metrics tool is designed to improve insight into each stage of the bidding process. The solution provides 30 different reasons for bid rejections, and its filtering capabilities enable publishers and advertisers to identify potential errors and make adjustments to their settings accordingly. Additionally, the solution streams data in 10-minute rolling windows, allowing users to see their adjustments take effect in near real-time.

Also built for both buyers and sellers, Bid Error Report aims to provide insight into bid errors throughout the real-time bidding process. The solution lets users better understand how their deal settings—such as ad quality and yield management—affect their auctions and includes more than 70 different reasons for bid errors.

The goal of both features is to smooth the ad buying process for buyers and sellers by providing them with granular data about why a deal or bid might not be delivering. The company wants to help their clients by reducing the time spent troubleshooting. Earlier this year, the AppNexus announced a partnership with Spotify, enabling programmatic buying across the music streaming service’s inventory and allowing buyers to upload audio creatives and make purchases through AppNexus’s Programmable DSP.

AppNexus enables the real-time sale and purchase of digital advertising and provides solutions for publishers, agencies and advertisers, and ad tech companies. The company supports products that assist publishers in maximizing yield and marketers and agencies in leveraging data and machine learning for intelligent, customized campaigns.

"We are empowering buyers and sellers to communicate more efficiently with each other and transact more seamlessly in a fair, transparent marketplace," Pat McCarthy, SVP of product at AppNexus Publisher Technology Group, said in a statement. "As a pure-play internet technology company, our laser focus is on helping publishers maximize their yield and helping advertisers achieve the best return on their investment. These new tools contribute uniquely to this goal."

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