• September 18, 2019
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Amazon Testing One-Tap Ratings for Customer Feedback

Online retail giant Amazon has begun testing what is being called a "one-tap ratings" capability, an easier way for people who ordinarily wouldn't write product reviews to still share their opinions.

The new capability, which is only an experiment, will allow Amazon shoppers to tap a button to leave star ratings.

Amazon shoppers will be able to access these one-tap ratings from the Your Orders page on Amazon, by going directly to participating product pages, or by responding to solicitations sent from Amazon. Amazon shoppers who file the star ratings will be able to add more feedback later if they choose.

The new ratings system is being tested with a limited number of shoppers worldwide on Amazon's website and mobile app.

Lucas Tieleman, senior vice president of product at ratings and reviews company Bazaarvoice, says reviews like this—no matter how simple—can be very powerful.

"The effect of customer ratings cannot be understated. Just the presence of user-generated content on a product page can drive shoppers to purchase, even if they don';t engage directly with it," he says.

Recent Bazaarvoice research supports that claim. The company recently reported that nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of shoppers consider ratings and reviews, questions and answers, and user photos important, and that 66 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase products if websites include social media posts with pictures and videos from real customers.

"Allowing shoppers to visualize products brings them to life and mimics the in-store experience that is often lost online"; Tieleman explains.

But Tieleman also cautions that star ratings may not be enough, depending on the product or category. While it might be sufficient for lower-consideration products, other products might warrant more in-depth commentary, he stresses.

"It should be easy for customers to provide feedback, but it is also important for brands and retailers to include a variety of UGC on product pages," Tieleman says. "Finding a balance in how you collect UGC is very important and differs from product to product, category to category, and brand to brand."

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