Aggregate Knowledge Rolls Out Enhanced Media Intelligence Platform

Aggregate Knowledge, a company that helps advertisers analyze their media spend, today unveiled new features for its Media Intelligence Platform (MIP) that let marketers predict the results of media spending adjustments.

Aimed at Fortune 500 companies, Aggregate Knowledge's MIP is a data management application that combines audience and media data into one platform, tracking customer touch points and cross-channel performances across search, email, Facebook, display ads, video, and ad exchanges.

The latest version of MIP was developed in response to requests from customers for additional insight, according to Lisa Petry, director of product marketing at Aggregate Knowledge.

"As the solution has evolved, the feedback we've received from our customers is that they want ways to lower cost per actions, drive exclusive reach, and make sure there's no overlap [in their marketing efforts]," Petry says.

With MIP's "what-if" tools, marketers can now analyze their cost data and make adjustments to their ad spend based on the budget impact. In experimenting with different inventory combinations, an advertiser could, for example, drop the bottom 10 percent of underperforming media or audience segment and reallocate it into the top 10 percent, explains Aggregated Knowledge president Rob Gatto.

"You can overlay potential decisions, select various metrics, and run that calculation to see how they would affect your cost or interactions," Gatto says. "It gives you not only recommendations on where to move but if you made those moves, what would happen to your key metrics."

The upgrade also provides new publisher views, so that marketers can understand which media performed best over time to further increase efficiency in media spending.

On average, most clients see a 20 percent ROI lift after installing the platform, according to Gatto. Confident that new customers can easily reach at least a 10 percent ROI lift, the company also announced a money-back guarantee for trying out the platform.

"To see these kinds of results, there needs to be a level of commitment on the client's part, such as tagging all of your media," Gato says. "To push us through that hurdle, we will guarantee a ten percent increase in either reach or a sales metric within sixty days if you install the platform."

The Media Intelligence Platform runs on a SaaS model, with pricing based on the volume of media run.

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