Adobe Announces New Campaign Features

Adobe today announced four new features for Adobe Campaign: a drag-and-drop email message designer, dynamic reporting capabilities, multilingual push messages, and improved deliverability of contextual emails.

With the drag-and-drop email message designer, email marketers can design emails from scratch or with customizable templates. They can also pull assets into Campaign from Experience Manager and Creative Cloud, as well as use Dreamweaver CC and the Creative Cloud SDK to edit email content in real time. “This is another iteration on how we’re bringing creativity to the fingertips of the email marketer, improving content velocity, ensuring that they can still create beautiful experiences, but at scale,” says Bridgette Darling, product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign.

The new dynamic reporting capabilities leverage Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace and allow marketers to incorporate profile attributes as well as email statistics to segment audiences. The new capabilities also include the ability to automatically distribute visual, digestible reports on campaign insights. “This release of our dynamic reporting capabilities allows email marketers to really slice and dice the data to look at results by segment, geography, time, etcetera, and really understand how their emails are performing within the greater customer experience,” Darling says.

To streamline the process of creating localized versions of campaigns, Adobe is extending its multilingual capabilities to push notifications. Marketers can load multiple translations of push notifications from a file to automatically create, segment, and send personalized, multilingual push notifications from a single delivery. “Last year we received overwhelmingly positive feedback on multilingual capabilities that we released for SMS and email, and this year we’ve expanded it to push. It allows marketers to create one push message delivery in Campaign with variants for each language, and have the right language go to the right profile automatically based on that profile’s preference,” Darling elaborates.

As for improved deliverability of contextual emails, marketers can now send more emails at a faster speed without sacrificing personalization. More specifically, new capabilities adapt delivery settings to ensure that emails are sent at the right time to each individual. “Even with very personalized emails with a lot of dynamic content, they still go out the door blazingly fast,” Darling says.

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