Accusoft Releases OnTask to Automate Business Workflows

Accusoft, a provider of document and imaging software, has released OnTask, a web-based workflow automation tool designed to help companies manage their digital transactions. According to Adam Allison, Accusoft OnTask's product manager, the technology allows businesses to make a smooth transition to paperless customer interactions and provides them with business process management capabilities that aim to boost productivity.  

A software-as-a-service offering, OnTask is designed to automate and lower the costs associated with manual processes that are typically subject to delays, as users are forced to look up information that exists in emails or follow up in disparate environments. It offers four primary features to help end users manage documents electronically, and each of them can be tailored to meet an organization’s unique requirements. These features include the following:

  • Workflow automation. End users can establish routes to streamline business processes involving multiple steps.

  • Fillable forms. Web- and document-based forms allow users to gather data and eliminate paper documents while tracking their progress.

  • Digital signatures. Firms can monitor approval processes using a feature that allows them to send files out for participant review and signature.

  • Intuitive dashboard. Employees can tend to workflows on one screen.

The solution "offers a new level of efficiency," Allison says. "Instead of manually tracking workflows and processes, users can easily check approvals and statuses, and track files in an intuitive dashboard. I think that brings a totally new innovation to businesses, makes life easier, and increases productivity. Instead of spending tons of time on administrative processes, [users] can get into the strategic world and really push their business forward."

Sales organizations can configure workflows that allow them to operate more efficiently in areas that extend beyond contract signature capabilities. For instance, a rep can set up reminder and approval notifications to make sure that a customer has met his agreement deadlines.

"Many businesses—especially sales organizations—are still using paper," Allison argues. "OnTask offers companies the opportunity to become paperless. You want customers to be more efficient and productive. Sales organizations want to do the same, with more time and focus on projects that are going to drive sales into the business." He says that the tool can ultimately help sales increase the rate of acquisitions and reduce the number of obstacles that tend to repel customers, including scanning, faxing, emailing, and manually downloading documents. "Those kinds of things really draw a wedge between you and the consumer," he says. "What used to take maybe a day of back and forth can now be done in 15 minutes."

OnTask doesn't require additional coding and integrates with CRM and document management systems, to smooth the transfer of data between different sources. The technology also supports various file and image types, including Excel, JPEG, PNG, PDF, Word, and others.

OnTask currently integrates with CRM offerings from SugarCRM and Infor, but the company is evaluating other potential vendors to work with, Allison says.

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