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The demand for instant access in an increasingly on-demand world extends to contact center data, too. Autonomy etalk has now entered that arena with the release of Qfiniti Web Access, a thin-client user interface enabling remote access to the company's Intelligent Contact Center solutions suite. Roger Woolley, Autonomy etalk's vice president of marketing, says the idea behind Qfiniti Web Access -- providing information to users remotely -- is not new to the company. Rather, he says, the new offering is an improvement that reflects the needs of existing Autonomy etalk customers. "We [already] had remote-access playback capability -- the ability to play back calls from remote locations -- but customers have asked for more functionality," he explains. "Many customers have been asking for [the] ability to log in and perform certain functionalities from home, on the road, or from a remote location and be able to just go through a Web-access-type interface, so they can essentially log in from a remote station and listen in on calls and perform [agent] evaluations." Donna Fluss, president of DMG Consulting, says that being able to get to essential data from anywhere is no longer a nice-to-have feature -- it must be a primary offering. "It's essential for enterprises -- particularly as we move more and more toward virtual organizations," she explains. "In today's world, an increasing percentage of contact centers are virtual because we have a growing number of at-home agents. So having remote access is today a core requirement of these applications." According to information provided by the Autonomy etalk, Qfiniti Web Access is immediately available and enables remote users to gain direct access to search and play back contact center voice and screen recordings. The software also allows users to perform agent performance evaluations, including the completion of agent evaluation scorecards and question-branching functionality for root-cause analysis, all within a standard Web browser. With the new interface, users can perform these functions through their Internet or Intranet connection. According to Matthew Storm, a product marketing manager for Autonomy etalk, the new release helps individuals easily share contact center data with senior management or business partners wherever and whenever they need to do so -- a must for today's contact center supervisor. "Customers expect high usability on a day-to-day basis with any application," he says. "Everybody expects that of the applications they use day in and day out; they need availability -- and high availability when they really need it -- whether they're in a conference room, training facility, at a client, or at an outsourcer. That's where [Qfiniti] Web Access comes in, because it provides what we have today -- high usability -- and we just added in the availability side to that option." Qfiniti Web Access does not require any client-side software, which the company terms a "zero-touch" deployment. This, according to the company, "eliminates the time-consuming installation for user access, and extends customer service compliance and quality management to globally distributed offices and external business partners in the most cost-effective manner." Storm says the "zero-touch" deployment provides "accessibility by large numbers of users -- but at the same time, offers high usability." While Autonomy etalk stresses Qfiniti Web Access's ease of implementation, Fluss says the company has also taken great pains to ensure security, a common concern when talking about remote access to any
enterprise data, but of particular concern when dealing with the customer data found in a contact center. "A lot of attention over the last couple of years has been paid to addressing the security concern of these types of solutions," she recalls. "Anyone, any company, or any enterprise that is using any type of software that allows for remote access absolutely needs to pay attention to how the vendor has addressed the security. The good news for this market is that Autonomy etalk and the rest of the vendors have been investing significantly -- and there are some very secure solutions out there."

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