• May 27, 2011
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

24/7 Customer Teams with CEB on a Customer Effort Management Solution

24/7 Customer, a provider of predictive experience solutions, is teaming with Corporate Executive Board (CEB) to develop CCC Loyalty View, a software-as-a-service offering that will help CEB member companies improve agent performance and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The central feature of the offering will be a customer experience dashboard designed to help members of CEB's Customer Contact Council measure, manage, and predict customer effort required to use their online sales and service sites.

CCC Loyalty View will integrate CEB's proprietary metric, the Customer Effort Score, with 24/7 Customer's Px Solutions platform to deliver actionable insights that will help users improve online interactions. The customer effort score measures the amount of effort a customer has to expend to resolve his issue. It also considers how that effort affects customer satisfaction and loyalty, according to V Bharathwaj, chief marketing officer at 24/7 Customer.

The goal of CCC Loyalty View is to reduce customer effort by predicting and resolving issues in the first contact, with a real-time dashboard that delivers actionable insights to improve the overall customer experience. It will also be able to reduce or eliminate the need for customers to make multiple attempts in multiple channels to resolve an issue by anticipating related downstream implications. Customer service representatives will also be able to leverage CCC Loyalty View as they address the emotional side of customer interactions and elicit and use feedback from disgruntled or struggling customers, as well as satisfied ones.

This offering will use extensive predictive models, along with actual customer experiences, to help organizations quickly assess and improve sales and service interactions. Customer survey tools, reporting, and advisory services will be integrated into a single dashboard that reflects detailed, agent-level insights as well as broad progress towards strategic initiatives. The subscription also includes quarterly advisory sessions to review and analyze data and recommended action steps.

"This is an online measurement tool that provides actionable data on an agent-by-agent basis," Bharathwaj says. "We pull data from many souces to determine what affects customer effort and then make suggestions how to improve."

The solution is currently available only to CEB member companies, which include Bank of America, Best Buy, Verizon, Microsoft, and Motorola. "At this point, the focus is to make the solution available to CEB's members," Bharathwaj explains. "We do not have a commercial roadmap yet."

"Our Customer Effort Score is a break-through measure in customer loyalty and has been widely accepted by some of the world's leading companies," said Matthew Dixon, managing director of CEB, in a statement. "By using 24/7's predictive experience technology in concert with our own insights into customer service best practices, we are now in a position to help our members understand the ways in which they are driving customer effort and what specific actions they can take to reduce it, ultimately helping them mitigate the disloyalty that comes from service interactions."

Prior to developing the Customer Experience Dashboard, CEB and 24/7 Customer collaborated to offer a customized version of 24/7tweetview, a social media impact analytics tool, to CEB’s Customer Contact Council members. That solution pulls tweets together and categorizes them based on content and context, Bharathwaj explains.

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