• October 14, 2020

Zoom Partners with Chorus.ai and Zendesk

Zoom Video Communications has selected Chorus.ai and Zendesk as launch partners for its Zapps app marketplace.

Chorus.ai's Zappwill transform how revenue teams interact in real time with customers by helping them do the following:

  • Prepare for the meeting right from the Zoom client, bringing relationship intelligence like critical deal information to the Zoom client before the meeting. It includes deal momentum insights like key call snippets, emails, and next steps from prior calls along with important deal context like stage, amount, key stakeholders, and the forecasted close date.
  • Receive on-call coaching by displaying information about participants and topics they discussed in prior meetings, . Chorus will also display the talk time of each participant in real time.
  • Engage in team selling.
  • Time-stam moments or tag colleagues to answer questions or review key call moments.
  • Take notes, bookmark moments, and follow up. This, combined with Chorus' real-time transcription and analysis, allows revenue professionals to send recaps immediately after meetings.

"Zoom has revolutionized how companies do business, and, in today's remote world, is the primary way revenue teams meet with their customers. With Zapps, a more seamless and data-connected future is possible, something we at Chorus.ai believe to be paramount for the remote, global workforce," said Jim Benton, CEO of Chorus.ai, in a statement. "With our Chorus Zapp and native Zoom integration, revenue teams will be better prepared to drive deal momentum by putting relationship intelligence and real-time insights at their fingertips."

"Sales are won through relationships. The team at Chorus.ai has proven this time and time again by harnessing the voice of the customer to drive revenue, but Zapps will provide a new level of insights on pivotal moments as soon they happen," said Ryan Azus, chief revenue officer at Zoom, in a statement. "Once reps and leaders see the full-360 data that is available from Chorus and Zapps, revenue teams will never work the same way again.

Meanwhile, the Zendesk for Zoom Zapp will allow companies to use Zendesk to increase agent efficiency and improve customer relationships with face-to-face conversations directly inside Zoom meetings. Companies can create, manage, and solve tickets with customers and collaborate with team members to review, update, and respond to customer service tickets, all without leaving Zoom.

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