• February 11, 2015

WalkMe Releases New Version

WalkMe has launched the latest release of its contextual UX and engagement platform. The new version introduces numerous enhancements and new features, including engagement optimization, contextual promotions, proactive guidance, and advanced cross-selling capabilities. With these new features, companies can create the calls to action needed to guide and engage their users, customers, partners and employees on any Web site or Web-based software.

In addition, WalkMe's Guidance and Engagement Platform is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, which helps Oracle Cloud customers review and discover new solutions that address their business needs. Oracle Cloud customers can discover how to use WalkMe to end user confusion, to provide real-time training, automated support, and to help Oracle Cloud users adapt to changes in their workflow or when migrating from other systems.

The newly released version includes contextual guidance and engagement features that help enterprises to eliminate online confusion, while at the same time increase efficiency and reduce costs. The platform guides, engages and drives users to action as they use software or Web sites.

The new features include the following:

  • Proactive Guidance - WalkMe's contextual guidance is also predictive and proactive. Through a series of predefined rules, WalkMe can identify where a user is in the process and accurately initiate a guidance sequence called Walk-Thru. The Walk-Thru assists and leads the user step by step to complete even the most complex processes. The WalkMe algorithm adapts and delivers the relevant guidance at each stage of the process.
  • Cross-Application - WalkMe's process guidance works across any combination of Web-based business applications. 
  • Contextual Announcements – Using WalkMe's contextualization engine, businesses can deliver timely and relevant announcement to specific customers.
  • Error Handling - Safe Start enables users to start a Walk-Thru from anywhere. This redirect can occur automatically, without prompting the user. 
  • Multi-Environment Centralized Management - WalkMe provides one centralized place to manage Walk-Thrus that work in various complex environments. This includes HTML pages with multiple domains, frame sets, iFrames, etc. WalkMe supports multiple environments so users can simulate the complete solution on their pre- production environments. 
  • Flow Tracker - built in Quality Assurance to make sure guidance is achieved, this tool was developed specifically to monitor what happens in flows by showing step-by-step activity of a flow, as well as goals reached and other details regarding the account. Use this to debug flows and understand what is happening while Walk-Thrus are playing.
  • Editor Tags - Our new Tags feature will organize items in the editor, such as Walk-Thrus and Launchers, into groups. Any item can be given multiple tags, and the list can be filtered by selecting which tags to display. Tags are only visible in the editor and don’t affect what is published.
  • Feedback - Our Feedback feature allows users to create survey balloons with different question types. Surveys can appear at the end of Walk-Thrus and results are tracked through analytics. Surveys can be used to collect feedback from users, to take polls, or to quiz users on whether they understand how to complete a certain action.
  • Multi Trigger - If there is more than one link or button that the user could click to get to the same place, WalkMe can now advance to the next step using Multi Trigger.
  • Sonar - Waiting for Conditions, Goals, or AutoPlays can now be based on elements that are hovered or clicked.
  • Salesforce Search - Those using WalkMe with Salesforce can now search for a customer or contact within WalkMe search.

"The new version is the most advanced version of WalkMe we've ever released, with a new design and amazing contextual guidance and engagement features," said Dan Adika, WalkMe CEO, in a statement. "WalkMe ushers in the future of online user experience, where you can always focus on what you want to do, not how to do it. WalkMe's participation in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace further extends our reach into the Oracle community and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of WalkMe."

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