• September 28, 2016

Visual IQ Launches Daily Attribution Methodology

Visual IQ, a cross-channel marketing attribution software provider, today launched daily attribution, a methodology enhancement to its advanced marketing attribution platform that rebuilds algorithmic models daily to produce the most up-to-date attributed metrics.

According to a commissioned study by Forrester on behalf of Visual IQ, marketers are using algorithmic attribution for cross-channel measurement and optimization, but not at the speed they would like. In fact, 58 percent said optimizing daily is important or very important, but only one-third said they can do so today based on attributed metrics. Visual IQ's daily attribution methodology solves this by producing TrueMetrics daily that can then be automatically passed to media buying platforms via IQ Deploy.

Independent analysis conducted by Visual IQ based on actual client data confirms that a daily model rebuild can have a significant impact on ROI when compared to less frequent rebuilds. In fact, the analysis showed that producing daily metrics based on weekly model rebuilds, as opposed to daily model rebuilds, can skew the accuracy of your attributed metrics by 9 percent, on average. And the difference was as high as 33 percent.

"Marketers need access to the most up-to-date metrics so they can react quickly to changes in market conditions and keep pace with their competitors' ever-changing strategies," said Manu Mathew, CEO and co-founder of Visual IQ, in a statement. "By rolling out daily attribution rebuild capabilities, we are providing our customers and partners with the most accurate performance metrics so they can optimize in near real time based on the latest attribution-informed insights, ultimately increasing their ROI over the long term."

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