• September 13, 2018

Vision Critical Adds Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis to Sparq Platform

Vision Critical today introduced Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis, in addition to platform integrations with several other systems, such as Salesforce.com, as part of its upgraded Sparq platform.

"At Vision Critical, we believe the path to the greatest market opportunity, for any business, lies in the voice of the customer," said Erin Avery, vice president of product marketing at Vision Critical, in a statement. "Today's product announcements reinforce our focus on understanding the customer and their voice in the context of business goals and priorities. The latest release of the Sparq platform expedites customer profiling, engagement, and feedback analysis to help Vision Critical customers unlock market insight."

Using machine learning, Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis automatically analyzes open-ended feedback, such as survey comments, to reveal measurable, actionable insights. These new features include the following:

  • Starring and Tagging, allowing users to tag, highlight, and search responses to identify common themes and uncover insights;
  • Sentiment Analysis, allowing users to detect positive, negative, or neutral sentiment with more than 90 percent accuracy;
  • Visualizations, allowing users to generate reports on tags and sentiment using tools like graphs and word clouds and then share insights with customers and stakeholders with one-click; and
  • Quote Reporting, allowing users to add customer feedback in the customer's own words to reports.

"At GoDaddy, strategic and actionable customer insight is in high demand by all internal stakeholders to improve the user experience. We know that the best way to access it is through open-ended feedback from our customers, but the time and manual effort required to identify data in individual responses hinders our ability to deliver insight quickly to our stakeholders," said Cassie Mally, director of user experience research at GoDaddy, in a statement. "With Vision Critical's new Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis, we're able to analyze feedback, create visualizations, and share it in a timely manner, enabling us to make smarter, more customer-centric decisions."

With new integrations in the Application & Integration Center, Vision Critical customers can centrally access data from third-party providers while using the Sparq platform. These new integrations include the following:

  • Salesforce.com, allowing users to augment member profiles with existing data, push Sparq data to their Salesforce platform, and more.
  • Member Hub interactions can now be tracked from third-party tools, including Google Analytics, Hubspot, Facebook, Twitter, and Marketo.
  • Integrations with ZenDesk and Intercom enable chat windows for easier communication.
  • Integrations with third-party research software enable data to be pushed to alternative customer platforms.

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