• March 3, 2021

Validity Launches GridBuddy Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Validity, a provider of customer data quality and marketing analytics software, today released GridBuddy Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help users update and navigate data in Dynamics 365 by placing fields from multiple tables, and even multiple CRM environments, into one editable Excel-style workspace.

With GridBuddy Cloud for Dynamics 365, users no longer need to open multiple browser tabs to access account, contact, and opportunity information all at once. Instead, they can use pre-configured or custom grids to view only the fields they want from all the tables they need in one editable view.

"Since we introduced Validity's GridBuddy Cloud offering, our goal has always been to give companies with multiple CRMs the ability to work with their data sources in one actionable, editable place," said Mark Briggs, chairman and CEO of Validity, in a statement. "Today's announcement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of many we hope to bring into the GridBuddy Cloud platform to make the lives of our customers easier, while ending the need for multi-CRM users to toggle back and forth between screens."

The GridBuddy Cloud Platform for Dynamics 365 includes the following:

  • Grids for Sales, with opportunity and lead management
  • Grids for Service, with case management;
  • Grids for All, with account and contact management; and
  • Custom Grids for any table.

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